Connections are the ties that bind. Each fact, aspiration, and objective becomes a connection, helping to create a relationship between us in defining, shaping, and directing your plan toward a stable financial future. 

The Stolz-Smith Financial Consulting Group is a referral-based practice that seeks to be a family's sole financial advisor.  The better we get to know you, not just your portfolio, the more value we can add. We want to know about your family, your occupation, and your interests, because the more we know, the more effectively we can plan and act on your behalf.


Trusted Advice. Exceptional Service.

Collectively, these four words are the cornerstone of our practice. For us, they are both the strategy and the goal in every client relationship. For you, they are the means to evaluate us, hold us accountable, and build a commitment to a future we share.

If, together, these words represent the cornerstone on which every relationship is built, then surely the mortar that holds all the connections together is mutual respect. Respect removes barriers and opens up possibilities for sharing and collaboration.

Helping you pursue your financial goals is a shared responsibility, and we believe working together is the best possible plan for mutual success. Words and actions to back them up: Either without the other is a job half done. Together, they are the Stolz-Smith Financial Consulting Group.

Group photo of Stolz-Smith Financial Consulting Group

Pictured left to right:  Jada Davis, AAMS®, Senior Registered Client Service Associate; Jacob R. Smith, Financial Advisor; Deanne Mammel, Senior Registered Client Service Associate; Scott A. Smith, CFP®Managing Director/Investments; Doak R. Stolz, CFP®, Managing Director/Investments, Branch Manager; Ryan D. Anderson, AAMS®, First Vice President/Investments; Dennis R. Stolz, Financial Advisor; Marguerite Henke, Client Service Associate